Cable vs. Broadcast TV: Learning to Love the Low End of the Dial

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I’ve recently rekindled a strained professional relationship: I’m watching scripted series on the Big Four networks again.

This development surprises no one more than me, since I had admittedly become a cable and pay TV snob. Like so many others in the biz, I was convinced that quality shows reside deep on my TV channel grid and beyond: “Homeland” on Showtime, “Veep” on HBO, “Breaking Bad” (dearly departed) on AMC and “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix.

Why bother with the low end of the dial?

On cable and premium series, there is violence (ouch), sex (ooh), and profanity (f@#$ yeah). For someone with an edgier aesthetic like myself — I do wear a lot spiked accessories — cable and pay TV have been the bad-ass kids at the party, the Big Four serving as the butt of jokes as they struggle to mimic the sensibilities of programs like…

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